Clean Drinking Water (Living Water for Thirsty Souls)

Transformation India Movement working in Bihar, India drilling wells in villages that have no access to clean water. Unlike many of the open bore wells in Bihar, these wells are deep (as much as 300 feet) and provide clean safe water. T.I.M has been able to provide over 950 drilled water wells in different villages of Bihar.
Scripture is written in Hindi proclaiming Jesus as the giver of “living water”. clean drinking water wells projects has not only provided fresh water to those who were struggling for basic need- the freshwater but also provided an opportunity to know about the living water to thirsty souls. TIM has been able to plant churches directly because of the Fresh Water wells projects in Bihar.

clean water

Orphanage (Hope to the Hopeless)

Transformation India Movement operates two Mercy Homes in Patna, Bihar, one for boys and one for girls. 15 children live at each facility providing a life they would never have. TIM- Ray of Hope Mercy Home helps abandoned, poor and orphan children of Bihar to experience the love and care of Jesus Christ by rescuing them the most hopeless time of their lives. At an early age, we bring them into the mercy home that provides free food, shelter, education, and safety from the dark world they have previously lived. These children are raised with Christian values, preparing them to be the future spiritual, governmental, and marketplace leaders of India.
TIM is helping these 30 children to experience a total transformation in their lives.TIM’s goal is to open Ray of Hope Mercy Home in other states of India where children are given to temple prostitution and other evils activities and are living hopeless life.

ADOPT A VILLAGE: (To Know Him and Make Him Known)

TIM has adopted about 150 villages in Bihar. TIM Provides to every adopted village;
– A much needed clean water drinking well for the village.
– An ongoing literacy training for illiterate children.
– A one-time medical clinic.
– 200 bibles and hymns for new believers
– Jesus Film Screening etc…
An adopted village is also then serviced by one of TIM’s trained church Planter with
the goal of planting a church.

Empowering Women Program (Sowing through Sewing)

Many poor women in Bihar could support themselves by tailoring. Transformation
India Movement’s Bridge of Hope Tailoring Center trains and equips women to start their own micro-enterprise businesses. TIM provides the needy and poor women a foot pedal sewing machine allowing her to begin her own business following successful graduation from the Tailoring school. TIM so far has trained over 600 women and provided over 350 sewing machines to poor and needy women to enable them to be self-supportive. Having a seamstress skill and their own business offers a woman the chance to support their family and increase the value of a single woman in the eyes of potential in-laws. Many women are self-supportive and are helping their children to study and support their families. Hundreds of women have become believers are attending the local churches. These women could not have heard the gospel even once, had there been no sewing training program.

Non Formal Education (Transforming lives to Transform the Nation)

Bihar is one of the least literate states of India. The total Rural literacy rate in Bihar is43.9%. In rural areas of Bihar, the Males and Female literacy rate are 57.1 and 29.6respectively. TIM provided Non-Formal Education to over 3000 children in different villages of Bihar. TIM’s Jeevan Jyoti Non-Formal education program not only helps illiterate and poor children to read and to write but also helps them to know Christ by sharing Bible stories and by teaching them action songs. Many children have been admitted to public school as a result of the literacy training. Moreover, all of these children have been able to hear the name of Jesus for the first time and become believers. We have wonderful testimonies of how literacy training has helped the children and their families to come to know the Lord. Our goal is to help the children who are in darkness to see the light so that they may experience a total transformation.

Health Camp and Health Awareness Program

T.I.M. has been involved in the area of Health care and awareness programs for the last 5 years. We have conducted over 25 medical camps in across the state. The people from the villages have been blessed greatly and over 5000 people have been benefited through the medical camp. We always take a team of doctors, nurses, and volunteers to remote places where people were facing many health issues. Normally due to the money and financial constraints, most of the people in the villages, could not afford to pay the consulting fees or travel to the city for treatment. Thus these medical camps were a great source of relief and blessing as we offered free consultation and also gave away free medicines.
We treated every patient with love and patience and also made them aware of how to prevent themselves from falling sick again. And most importantly, we taught them about cleanliness and sanitation and also environmental awareness. Hundreds of people have received complete cure and are living a much better life than they were before.

Disaster Relief Work

During the severe flood in Bihar in 2007 and 2008, TIM did flood relief works in Partnership with NCBM and Samaritan Purse in 5 Districts of the state of Bihar.
Naugachia (Bhagalpur District), Muraliganj (Madhepura District) , Purnea
Kathihar and Muzaffarpur District. Based on the survey of the flood-affected areas in the above-mentioned districts, we formed a team of 10 TIM staff who volunteered to travel to the flood-affected villages and help the victims.
The team purchased the blankets, food items plates, class, soaps and packed those materials into the plastic bags. ( we chose these items according to the people’s needs and requests).
We were able to distribute about 3000 relief packets in these places. As part of the relief work, we were also able to drill hand pumps in some of these districts.

Leadership and Discipleship Training (Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today)

Since November 2005 we have been involved in discipleship and leadership Training which has resulted in reaching hundreds of villages and planting many churches.
The Great Commission Training School in Patna has prepared 225 church planters and volunteers so far. Leadership and Discipleship Training program gives hundreds of young people an opportunity to be educated, trained, and disciplined to take their place of leadership in their families, churches, communities, and even in their nation. Currently, the Leadership and Discipleship Training program is stopped due of trainees were kicked out of the rented building by the house owner.
Our goal is to place a church planter in all the 39 districts of the state of Bihar by 2015. The Great Commission Training School is committed to developing national leaders who manifest a Christian style of leadership in terms, not of domination but of service.

Church Planting (Good News for Everyone)

The reason for TIM’s existence is to produce and empower committed followers of Jesus Christ in Bihar to reach the unreached people. This is our compelling motivation and passion.
Each church planter goes through a series of training sessions that prepares them for their task. After being appointed, each one is assigned a number of villages to bring the Gospel of Christ and ultimately establish a permanent Church. TIM Church Planters helped over 7000 new believers and so far have planted 152 churches and reached more than 1000 unreached villages. The Christmas outreach program in 3 years has reached 250,000 people ( 2009 – 60,000, 2010 – 75000, and in 2011- 115,000) with the good news of Jesus Christ. TIM remains committed to give everyone an opportunity to hear the gospel at least once to hear the name of Jesus.
Throughout scripture, Jesus ministered with both hands. One hand was Relief (the physical needs of people) and the other hand was Release (the spiritual needs of people). The relief was food for the hungry and healing for the sick. The release was release from what holds us in bondage – sin. Jesus almost always used both hands. Jesus healed people physically and spiritually. Jesus calls us to use both hands to minister to hurting people.