Transformation India Movement (TIM) received an award from the minister of the Bihar state government for Social Welfare for the contribution of TIM in Empowering Women Program in Bihar.
It was in recognition of the contribution TIM made in uplifting and enabling hundreds of women in Bihar through its Bridge of Hope Sewing Training and Sewing machines distribution in various districts of Bihar State.
In a function organized by a Hindi magazine “Reena Ghar Ankan” in Patna, the capital of Bihar, The Minister for Social welfare handed the award and appreciated the activities of TIM, especially the sewing program, helping underprivileged and poor women who were struggling for existence to learn a trade and donating several hundred sewing machines to enable them to be self-supportive. One of our field workers Mala Das also was recognized for his contribution in His ministry field to help so many women to become skillful and start their own business.
TIM’s Bridge of Hope sewing training program has trained over 1200 women and donated more than 400 sewing machines which have enabled so many women to earn an income and thereby support themselves, their families and send their children to school.
Below you can find an update of an Adopt a village in which not only the women who received the sewing training have become self-supportive but also other projects changed lives.
Your prayers, your contribution to TIM ministry has helped us truly touch lives and communities and all the more to help them connect with their mentor – the Christ. Currently, we are running 8 sewing centers and over a hundred women are in training.
You can help a widow or underprivileged woman by giving $225 to learn a trade and buy a sewing machine that will change her destiny and her family.